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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  March 31, 2012 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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who say trayvon beating from day one. >> good luck on lot toy tonight. >>alisyn: good morning, everyone, saturday, march 31. one of you is a lot richer this morning. the winning numbers are 2, 4, 23, 38, 46, and 23. did you wake up richer? >> not here, unfortunately. also the president takes class warfare on the road. >> you are making more than a million a year you can do a little more. this is not class envy. this is not class warfare. this is basic math. >>dave: math or politics?
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>>clayton: katy perry's latest video slammed by the left and praised by the right. what what is wrong with saluting the troops? "fox & friends" starts right now. >>alisyn: we are all here. so, we did not win the lottery. >>dave: but we played the game. >>clayton: you will enjoy this, i was texted on photo of a lottery ticket and i thought he bought them for us, and he said here is what you do, and i couldn't wrap my head around it, he said pick five numbers and i said why aren't there 35 numbers. >>dave: i would have had an
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easier time explaining it to my children. >>alisyn: i said dave and i will be tooling around in our yachts and you are will be on the couch. >>clayton: you are $10 poorer. >>dave: someone in maryland, 40 -- $640 million. the number "23" was in there twice. if you are the person give us a call at "fox & friends" we would love to have you on the phone. >>alisyn: i didn't get one number on any of my choices. >>clayton: two different cashiers in two different aisles got the same total so i wanted to use those numbers. >>alisyn: the gross price if you take the full lump sum, you get $462 million today after a
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25 percent federal tax. >>clayton: $346.5 million after the tax in maryland so you walk away with $307 million. >>dave: i was thinking the best way to play the lottery and we have an expert coming up, and you could have actually bought every single combination and you actually would have made north of $300 million but who has the time and that would take all the parent that the buyer lottery commission. >>clayton: you would buy all the paper. >>dave: but if you were boon pickens and you could buy them all up. >>alisyn: it would cost $176 million to buy every single come
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by nation but you would still be ahead. >>clayton: dave has been thinking about this all week. >>dave: do you know how many times i have signed up what i will do with the money. >>clayton: we will have a psychologist. here is what you would spend if the entire revenue of all the ticket sales across the country brought in $1.5 billion across 42 states including the virgin islands. >>alisyn: i felt better because the revenue is not just that the $5 evaporated it goes to social services program and educational program. the states are richer because everyone played. >>dave: it looks like a good deficit reduction land. a few more of these babies and we are out of trouble. what can be done with the $1.4 billion that we spent on lottery tickets?
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feed people. 238,000 households with the typical family over $6,000 a year you could feed 238,000 people a year. >>alisyn: you could fill up the tanks of 685 people for an entire year everyone in the house. >>clayton: buy 2.4 million shares of apple shot around $600 a share right now, you could buy 2.4 million shares of invest investment. >>dave: 7,300 touristic its for a ride into space. >>alisyn: and you could run for president because it is quadruple the amount set by all the presidential candidates. we talk how much money they are
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spending this dwarves that. >>dave: it buys a lot of attack ads. >>alisyn: what would you do with it? >>clayton: more analysis coming up. >>alisyn: lottery officials have not figured out if it was just one winner or several. >>dave: the president is coming if you won that $640 million the president wants part of it because he is bringing back up the buffett rule which taxes those who make $1 million, 3 percent, that is part of deficit reduction plan for the democrats and the obama administration. >> you make less than $250,000 a year like 98 percent of american families taxes should not go up, phones are struggling to dig out of the recession. but if you are making more than
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$1 million a year you can do a little more. that is not class envy. this is not class warfare. this is basic math. >>clayton: here is the buffett rule. $1 million or more you pay at least 30 percent tax rate on income so this is income tax, not the capital gains tax. >>alisyn: but it is because the people would make $1 million or more are in the 35 percent tax bracket so you hear 30 percent and now the rate for some would go up to 15 percent for investments. >>dave: most invested and paid 23 percent when they earned the money and now they pay 30 percent when they earn on
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investments so they get, twice, hit on the money if they invested the money. >>clayton: great point because the money is already they made off of income in another capacity. some argue it is machine they made off of other investments but this is the gray area, but, still, a lot of money. >>alisyn: we do need money to run the government and we do need revenue or we can cut things from the budget. so, paul reason's -- paul ryan's budget plan did pass the house, it is not expected to pass in the senate which is democratic. president obama talked about why he thinks is paul ryan's budget. >> their budget, the republicans of the house of representatives just passed is no exaggeration, they would not cut things that we have always believed were at the core of making america
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great. education. basic research and science. caring for the most vulnerable. they are wrong in their vision of america. >>clayton: the democrats plan or cutting pell grants and extending the tax cuts for the rich. here is the ryan budget: cutting $5.3 trillion the next decade. >>alisyn: and cuts debt as a share of the economy by 15 percent and reduces the corporate tax rate by 10 percent which is significant because tomorrow the u.s. becomes the country in the world with the highest corporate tax rate. it has now leapfrogged japan which has lowered a corporate tax rate by 10 points. >>clayton: and a small business expert will join us to talk about what that means that
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we have the largest corporate tax rate not world. >>alisyn: more news. and now the headlines, top officials are warning a net from al qaeda is growing stronger and the terrorist group is gaining particular ground not iranian peninsula despite the death of n leader al-awlaki who was killed in yemen six months ago. reverend sharpton is causing for civil disobedience if george zimmerman is not arrested. sharpton did not say if the boycott would be against the city of sanford, florida, but he has been critical of the police department handling of the case. sharpton and reverend jesse jackson will man there this original at 11 a.m. mastercard and visa warning cardholders some of the data in their accounts may have been
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breached. financial insiders say it is massive possibly involving ten million card memberrers but banks and law enforcement have been notified. george jones recovering in a nashville hospital. the 80-year-old was admitted for a respiratory infection. he should be able to lobby by thursday, a member of the country hall of fame. this video was taken six months ago. i hope we hear from george jones this morning. i am a big fan. >>clayton: usually out of her mouth it is bon jovi.
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rick: rain and snow in the northeast. twice. so not only did you not when the lottery in the northeast winter is back with snow. both today and another storm tomorrow. if you are in the middle of the country it is spectacular, sunshine and very warm. and across the west more rain and snow so the sides of the country is where the action has been and it will continue to be that way for the next week. very nice across the planes. and the corners in the north where the cold air is across the mountains and the west. this is the storm we are dealing with: very heavy rain across the gulf. but toward the northeast we have snow falling this morning across upstate new york and new england and some of the areas could be pecking up an inch or two of snow. the next storm is tomorrow. so, a gloomy cold weekend across the northeast so remind you that
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become the united states with the highest corporate tax rate not world with japan cutting their rate by 5 percent and america takes the led over all other developed nations. what does it mean for small business? and now, our guest is a successful small business owner and mentor and know as thing or two of taxes. nice to see you this morning. explain how in the world this affects small businesses. what is the corporate tax rate? >>guest: well, the reality is this affects everyone. i am pulling my hair out. are you kidding me? here is what happens. now we completely have handcuffed our small businesses and we have also handcuffed our big business. you have to remember for every company the reality is the global growth is what secures a company. 70 percent of what we do is overseas not domestic. and the big company feed the little companies. you talk about 40 percent, 39.3
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percent in corporate taxes that means less capital, lower job growth, more everything burden by our companies where the entire world is lowering corporate taxes trying to get leverage for the future we are handing it away and giving it away. >>clayton: did something change? japan lowered but ours didn't change? did it? >>guest: it is not just, it is canada, russia, japan, china, everybody else is saying we need to have innovation, growth, manufacturing, more jobs, more leverage, more business so that they can take care of their own economy. right? so look at what china is doing, china and russia is where we have to pay attention, china now is the leader in oil and we gave that away. we have always been this. and now leverage on the highest tax for the corporate.
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china has captured, supporting their business dozen grow, supporting their businesses to innovate and to do job growth. so are russia and china and now we make it harder to do business here and harder to earn money here? and we will strap you with rules and regulations. it is impossible to hire people and we will penalize people. so, come on it. >>neil: action the end of the day the companies hire the loopholes and figure out a way not to pay taxes. can congress get together on this? this is one issue that is in agreement by democrats and republicans, chose the loopholes so we can actually lower this corporate tax rate and everyone benefits. >>guest: and even when the big corporations hire all the people to figure it out, it is still appear expense to the company. the money they are doing to outrig the system, could be beginning to go into job growth
3:20 am
or manufacturing. that is the problem in this country, we are inefficient on how we manage our money and where we spend it. the blue and the red both are wrong. get together. number one concern is leverage for our future, job growth. and the more we give it away on a silver platter to the people would don't like us, we are doomed. >>clayton: you bring the energy from california out there, live for us in san diego, up early. coming up later we will have a segment about california losing business because of the strict regulation. coming up, next, want a better office environment? work for a woman, a study says ladies make better leaders. do you agree? e-mail us.
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>> welcome back with quick headlines. the f.d.a. rejecting a petition from a medical group to ban a chemical b.p.a. from food packaging over concerns there could be health risks associated with exposure to the food supplies. the f.d.a. claim leg -- claim there is not enough evidence. >> file fighters in colorado trying to contain a massive wildfire that killed two. strong gusts are expected to pick up this afternoon, so far the fire have 70 percent
3:25 am
contained. dave? >> that is brutal. we know that the winning mega millions ticket was sold in milford mills, maryland, but if you did not when you may not be down on your luck. >>alisyn: there are a lot of legal responsibilities that come with $640 million. >>dave: we will would take those. >>alisyn: and now to give us tips on protecting ourselves ous a estate planning attorney. the first thing that everyone tells you to do is call a financial planner if you win, if you are holding a winning ticket, what would a financial planner teller? >>guest: the first piece of advice is to lock up the ticket. so make a photo copy of it, maybe put it in a safe deposit box and secure the ticket. >>alisyn: do not whose the ticket. >>guest: and reach out to a group professionals, a c.p.a., an attorney, a financial
3:26 am
planner, to help you make concrete decisions at the outset about your new live. >>dave: would the first warning, don't run out and make a bunch of impulsive purchases which most of us would do? >>guest: the only thing the lucky winner should shop for are professional advisors, i courage them to go on the internet and lock for professionals who can sit down and guide them and they can work with them going forward. >>alisyn: are these people going to tell you what to invest in? there are a lot of people who can bilk you of money. you should put it in a trust. why? >>guest: step number one is to lock up the ticket to protect it from other people. if i were to put most of the winnings in a trust i am protecting it from myself. and protecting it from my relatives and friends who want me to invest in a corn dog franchise. so i am able to have the lux i didn't it sounds great, but ...
3:27 am
>>dave: it will happen again, maybe not $600 million but all of us lay the office pools. we did right here. is there advise the next time, how to protect yourselves? we see lawsuits and co-workers suing each other. how do you protect yourself? >>guest: we had five lawyers and everyone photo copied the tickets, and we gave the originals to the most responsible person who sealed them and put them in a safe, and we all signed on the envelope. >>alisyn: ours is just a gentleman's agreement so if i am holding the winning lottery ticket --. >>dave: we did have photographs. >>alisyn: you can still cheat
3:28 am
your co-worker. >>guest: we have seen that. >>alisyn: he is checking right now. >>dave: checking the photo. i love you but why trust you. >>alisyn: we are seeing exactly how a school bus driver's calm and quick thinking saved the lives of dozens of students caught in the path of a tornado.
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a great clean doesn't have to take longer. i'm done. i'm gonna read one of these. i'm gonna read one of these! [ female announcer ] unlike sprays and dust rags, swiffer 360 duster's extender gets into hard-to-reach places without the hassle. so you can get unbelievable dust pickup in less time without missing a thing. i love that book. can you believe the twin did it? ♪ swiffer. great clean in less time. or your money back. >> everyone puts money in the lottery but only one person or a small group of people walk away with the pun. that is our banking system. >>dave: we do not know if it is one person yet, do we?
3:33 am
or could be an office pool? >>alisyn: official dozen not have the news, just one storm in baltimore county, maryland, but maybe there others. call us this morning if you know. >>clayton: or we build hold on to your winning ticket. president obama has tough sanctions on iran's central bank. peter is like in washington, dc, with more on this. a very fascinating story and important story. >>peter: good morning, clayton. the president looked at the amount of crude oil on the world market and decided there is enough out there to go ahead with the sanctions which are set to kick in toward the end of june, same time as europe's embargo on iranian oil. the president says we will be protected because and i quote, "there is a sufficient supply of petroleum and petroleum products from countries other than iran to permit a significant reduction in the volume of petroleum and petroleum products purchased from iran by or
3:34 am
through foreign financial institutions," and our state department explains it like this >> fact we have deliberate and ongoing consultations with allies to impress upon them the need to ... to stop their import of iranian crude and to move to other sources, that shows we are going about this in a deliberative way. >>peter: the white house and state department are not the only ones on board. we asked mississippi senator, a republican, what he thinks and he says now the president will be squarely responsible for any political fallout with regard to the sanctions but, otherwise, this is the right move. >> he is doing the right thing because the issue with regard to nuclear weapons in the hands of the iranian regime is too
3:35 am
important. >>peter: the white house says the sanctions will not make gas prices go up in the united states and they made clear part of the reason they are increasing production here at home. >>dave: that is a big "if." imagine if they close the straits hormuz that will make the reese go up $2 a gallon. >>alisyn: we will see. to people are missing and feared dead following a massive fire that ripped through a marina in washington. police believe the victims trapped on one of the burning boats that sank. the couple reportedly lived on the boat together despite dangerous conditions because of tons of debris. dives will try to seven for -- search for them. in word on the cause. a federal judge find as controversial collective bargaining law in wisconsin to be constitutional after a year of debate it has been upheld. two provisions were overturned but the part of the law banning
3:36 am
public workers from allowing union dues to be automatically taken out of the paycheck, and the part where unions must recertify each year. dramatic police take down caught on camera in phoenix, arizona, follow cameras were rolling when this suspect bailed out of his car in an effort to:5h
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and where we had the temperatures in the 70's and 80's, it has been too long, and now we have snow there and across the west another storm pulling through, and in california and into the pacific northwest, and another big storm moving in so you will deal with that, again today, very heavy rain, and that is where we see the chance for severe weather today areas to the south and mid-mississippi river valley area, parts of arkansas and toward mississippi and louisiana and tennessee and we are talking about the threat for hail and maybe damaging winds and we cannot rule out one or two tornadoes. and there you go, again, across the planes unbelievable temperatures breaking all kinds of records. we are still if march and 86 in kansas city. not bad. >>dave: not bad at all. question, folks, this o, who makes better leaders? men or women? surprisingly the study says, yeah, ladies make better
3:40 am
leaders. we have numbers that could dispute that and a movie clip sets this up. >> i don't understand why you are so difficult to confirm the point. >> i actually --. >> your incompetence does not interest me. >> human resources want to us interview her. >> she is hopeless. incompetent. >> clearly i have to do that mile because the last two you sent were completely inadequate. that's all. >>clayton: funny, the study looks at the top 16 competencies and they interviewed individuals, women scored overwhelmingly 15 out of the 16 they managed to snag. >>alisyn: women have better characteristics for being leaders the that is the harvard business review has concluded. here they are. women take initiative more than men. they practice self development if their years. they display high integrity and
3:41 am
honesty. more than men. they develop others and are concern about bringing up younger people and turning them into leaders and they inspire and motivate and they build relationships. they collaborate. >>dave: we get it. they befored 7,000 leaders around the world. i agree women have better characteristics. but you lack in the execution department. why to how many fortune 500 c.e.o.'s do you think are women if >>alisyn: how many? >>dave: a dozen of 500. >>alisyn: that is an issue. >>guest: is it the men who do the hiring so the women do not get the roles? this is still a gap of what senior men hire, they hire woman. how can she be a c.e.o. when she and not get the job in the first place. >>alisyn: we are gaining. with all the characteristics they have found that women
3:42 am
personify more than men. >>dave: 64 percent of all leaders are men and 367 total female c.e.o.'s and the average salary for men is $43,000 and for women it is $35,000. another question, how many, what percent do you estimate of corporate board seats held by ladies? >>alisyn: what percent? >>dave: 16 percent. >>clayton: i come back to the hiring on that. >>dave: you are trying to get a nice home cooked dinner. >>clayton: if you need anything, let me know. >>alisyn: you are too sensitive. >>dave: let us know how you feel. >>clayton: let us know at and on twitter. some say it depends on who pays for the study? did women pay for the study. >>alisyn: let us know if you think women are better leaders. he gave the ultimate sacrifice.
3:43 am
a u.s. soldier killed while saving the like of an afghan girl. now two people who served long side sergeant are here to remember him for us. >>clayton: so long, california, hello lone star state. a former state assembly man is leaving the golden state in the leaving the golden state in the dust [ rosa ] i'm rosa and i quit smoking with chantix. when the doctor told me that i could smoke for the first wee.. i'm like...yeah, ok... little did i know that one week later i wasn't smoking. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these stop taking chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of depression
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keep your home smelling like home. [ male announcer ] remember when you were a kid? you ked getting dirty and building things. there were no limits -- yocould move mountains. the john deere 1 series subcompact tractor -- the way grownups move mountains. and with auto-connect implements, it's the eiest tractor to use yet. what will you create? learn more about the easy-to-use 1 series tractor at >>dave: what would make someone move from the golden state to the lone car state? the economy. california is hurting. and thousands are relocating to texas. including our next guest. he spent six years in the state assembly and has moved on to yener pastures in texas and
3:47 am
joins from austin. good morning, sir. >>guest: good morning. >>dave: why are so many including yourself making the move from california to texas? >>guest: what has happened over the year, california which is a very dynamic state has been stifled by government that keeps growing and adding taxes and regulations. i used to work in aerospace industry before i was elected to the state assembly for 13 years and the last major aerospace headquarters in southern california relocated out of the state. my old industry has gone to greener pasture. >>dave: the numbers reflect what is happening. check out the map that shows how many people have left california. you see that on the left, 24,000 to leave in terms attracting people, texas, only behind, that is number one 207,000. in terms of jobs they are disappearing from states like california and going to texas,
3:48 am
$181,000 jobs gained from december of 2010 to january of telephone 12. why? >>guest: it is very simple. jobs go where they can best be employed. prepares like to have a good return on their investment. when you have regulations and taxes that cause you to earn less money people who want to invest and people who expect a reasonable run on their investment seek to go to places where their hard work and innovation and risk taking is honored and texas is one of those places. >>dave: critics argue that the problem here is texas also has one of the highest rates of uninsured in the country and one of the highest rates of minimum wage jobs in the country. so, stint that creating a bit of a problem? >>guest: well, actually, what you have to do is look at the cost of living. it actually costs 42 percent
3:49 am
less to live in texas than in california. when you take that into account although california has one of the highest minimum wages in the country and texas is at the federal minimum wage the texas minimum wage earns you far more as far as what you can buy than in california. because things are so inexpensive in texas relative to california. >>dave: we are talking mostly about what state governments are doing. is there something our federal government can learn from this what we seeing in texas? >>guest: absolutely. there is a lot the federal government can learn. what you are seeing right now is the obama administration is heading america in a direction that california has already arrived in several years ago. and texas is the once in future america. texas is the example of what you can do when you relow -- rely on hard work and liberty and flow democrat. this is a huge difference between the two states. if you look at texas versus
3:50 am
california, california actually spends something like 62 percent more on welfare as a share of the economy than texas. a third of all americans on welfare are in california. texas, they work, they work hard. >>dave: interesting to see thank you for being with us this morning. coming up, he fought to defend your freedom and gave his life to save a little afghan girl. next, we will talk to two solds who knew the sergeant and who are honoring him this morning. or... we make it pink ! with these 4g lte tablets, you can do business at lightning-fast spes. we'll take all the strawberries, dave. you got it, kid. we have a winner. we're definitely gonna need another one. small sinesses that want to grow use 4g lte technology from verizon. i wonder how she does it. that's why she's the boss. because the small business with the best tecology rules.
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contact the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 1-800-974-6006.
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>>alisyn: family and friends and loved ones are saying goodbye to a soldier who gave
3:54 am
the ultimate sacrifice to save a child, serving in northern afghan when he lost his life saving an afghan girl. joining us now to remember the sergeant is his commander during the first deployment to iraq and command sergeant major, the first sergeant during deployment in afghanistan. major, thank you, first, for being here this is hard day for both of you, and major tuttle you served five years ago in iraq with the sergeant. tell us about him. >>guest: a rhode island guardsman. he was so much more than that. he was a son. he was a brother. he was a father. and when you intertwine his life experiences toward that of his beliefs and the core army values, the outcome was an
3:55 am
heroic act. the sergeant, with the ultimate sacrifice, lost his live saving that of an afghan child, and the sergeant is a hero. >>alisyn: he sure is. sergeant major, we know that sergeant wikel was a dad, he himself had three young children waiting here back at home for him to return and they will not have their father, yet, he gave his life for a little girl that he didn't even know. what did you think when you heard this story? >>guest: well, when i heard it i was not surprised at all. dennis was a soldier but he was, also, like bill said, a father, a brother and a son, as well, and you know, i can only, i can
3:56 am
see dennis going under that, jumping off to save the girl, having children of your own, i guess, puts the value of children's lives right there in the forefront. so i am not surprised. >>alisyn: it so poignant, major tuttle he would receive care packages in iraq and he would make sure iraqi children had things from the car packages. >>guest: that is true. he was the soldier that i have in mind back when i deployed in iraq that when we did receive the care packages he would sort of take a lot the materials, penses paper, notebook, candy, and set it aside and soldiers would ask, this is comfort stuff for the soldiers and he would say the afghan children need this, the iraqi children need
3:57 am
this more so than we do, and with him, carrying failure the support in afghanistan is not surprising to me. >>alisyn: thank you, >>alisyn: thank you, gentleman, so much oil sands projects, like kearl, and the keystone pipeline will provide secure and reliable energy to the united states. over the coming years, projects like these could create more than half a million jobs in the us alone. from the canadian border, through the mid west, to the gulf coast. benefiting hundreds of thousands of families throughout the country. this is just what our economy needs right now.
3:58 am
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>>alisyn: good morning, everyone, there are 640 million reasons to wake up for someone, someone this morning is very rip. we know where the ticket was sold. but there could be more winners out there with the largest lotto jackpot in history. >>dave: the president going after paul ryan's budget plan. they are wrong this their vision of america. wrong. >> why the bashing then when the president's own plan was rejected? plus he was the greatest golfer not world but that came crashing down. we will talk to the man would had a front row seat for the
4:01 am
tiger woods demise. his old coach. "fox & friends" starts right now. >>dave: good morning, everyone, clayton you mention the book "big myth," a local radio guy called him "scum," yesterday, and the coach hung up on him. people are ripping him for writing the book but if you rip it, i read it, it is a fascinating book. >>clayton: and we will have the new study of the decks, the more messy, you can tell a lot about a personality about -- with pictures of our guests. >>alisyn: somebody has won the largest lottery jack president in history. 2, 4, 23, 38, 46.
4:02 am
and strangely, 23 again. >>dave: that is quick pick? no one would pick 23, twice? >>clayton: computer generated and the computer spits it out. the gross price, $426 million after the 25 percent federal tax and after the 8.5 percent maryland stated tax. >>alisyn: you walk away with $307 million. that is a lot lot of taxes. we know that one ticket was sold because the place that sold it said we are the winner, we sole the winning lottery ticket. officials say there could be more. check your numbers. >>clayton: but a story of people that have won past lotteries this morning, and it is funny a lot people stick with their, waitresses who continued
4:03 am
to be a waitress. what would you do if you won? >>dave: i would not be here. i love my job. >>alisyn: i would be. i think that part of what rue ends your life is you change your life. the minute you win you go out and buy a yacht and you forget your old life and that is what brings people down. you need consistency. >>dave: i would call in from my yacht. when you breakdown what america spent on this $1.46, almost $1.5 billion across the united states breaking down to two tickets per american across 42 states, washington, dc, and the virgin islands and the revenue goes to funding state education and social service. >>alisyn: you think that all the money you spent, the $5 we sunk in it, evaporates but states are richer.
4:04 am
>>clayton: who could you do with the revenue from the lottery tickets? you could feed 230,000 house holds for a year on the money. >>alisyn: and fill you the gas tank every day of 685,000 house holes for an entire year. >>dave: you could prepare 2.4 million shares of apple stock and maybe double your money. >>clayton: or travel, go to outer space 7,000 people could go to outer space on a space ship. they cost millions. >>dave: you would quadruple the amount spent by all the presidential candidate, combined, so you folks could run for president and have quite a campaign. remember, the president, some say, set a target of raising $1 billion which falls short, but, imagine, funding all
4:05 am
presidential candidates. >>alisyn: it could trim the $1.3 trillion federal deficit by just more than .1 percent! it would not help there. >>clayton: a drop in the bucket. >>clayton: we got hopeful with the simpson-bowles, and paul ryan's budget plan, big cuts, $5 trillion. not so likely. president coming out and bashing paul ryan's budget after his own budget could not get one vote in the house of representatives. >> you look at their budget, and it is no exaggeration, they would cut things that we have always believed were at core of making america great, education,
4:06 am
basic research and science, caring for the most vulnerable, they are wrong. they are wrong in their vision of america. >>alisyn: what is in the paul ryan budget cutting $5.3 trillion in spending compared to the president's plan and cuts debt as a share of the economy by 15 percent. it reduces the corporate tax rate by 10 percent and the economy as we say that is significant particularly this weekend since tomorrow the united states is the number one country in the entire world with the highest corporate tax rate. it was on par with japan previously. >>dave: what is in the most recent budget of the senate? we have no idea, 9 last budget they passed in the senate, typical career long budget, april of 2009, more than 1,000 days ago.
4:07 am
criticized paul ryan all you want but he has put out a land. a start weeing warning from u.s. intelligence officials, they say the thresh from al qaeda is now stronger than it was six months ago when one of their top leaders, al-awlaki, was killed in the u.s. led drone strike. the warning referring to al qaeda's peninsula branch which is gaping ground in yemen. >> sharpton saying there will be more civil disobedience unless zimmerman is arrested. he will "move to the next level," if zip we man is not arrested in the shooting death of trayvon martin and address this plan today among thousands of demonstrators. >> how is this for conflict? the post office is looking to opt out of the federal health care law. after the general donohue
4:08 am
telling the congressional lawmakers "if provided the authority to do so we believe we can provide our employees and retirees with the same or better health coverage for significantly lets cost." of course, they are strapped for cash and they say going with a private health insurance policy would save them $7 billion a year. >> one actress has a titanic problem with this song. ♪ there's nothing ♪ and i know ♪ that my heart will go on >>alisyn: we are letting this play longer for dave, one of his favorite songs. the star hates this song.
4:09 am
even though it is the theme song to the movie that, thatted her career and she is ashamed of her acting this the film. that is the 100 anniversary of the sinking. >>dave: you may thought want her to rome most the re-release. risking listening to dave's music. rick: that is part of dave's play list. guys, in the northeast, we have been so warm and now we have rain and snow. twice. this morning. and tomorrow. a gloomy weekend in the northeast were like the central lanes where it is incredibly warm with temperatures above average and across the west it is winter. we have winter on both sides of the country and summer in the
4:10 am
middle. maybe that averages to spring. this is the storm cross the east, heavy rain across the florida panhandle and snow in central and southern new england. it is not a big storm but another inform is behind it for tomorrow, and maybe another 1" or 2". big storm in the west and northern california through oregon, has been pummeled with rain for the last week and a lot of flooding conditions and heavy snow across the passes and another 1' to 2'. we have had no snow all winter but that changed the last if you weeks with a heavy storm pulling into the plains and fire damage from the northern rockies toward parts of the southwest so we have been watching the fire all week across colorado.
4:11 am
look at the temperatures today. the 91 degrees in colorado 85 in denver so the fire threat is not looking good in colorado. >>dave: it needs to cool off. after days of questioning from the united states supreme court what is the fate of obamacare? we will ask someone would led the charge against it from the beginning. >>alisyn: and word from tiger woods' old coach.
4:12 am
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>> after he days of arguments over the health care overhaul the federal power came up. >> i understand we must presume laws are constitutional. but even so, when you are changing the relation of the developed to the government and what we can stipulate is, i think, a unique way, do you not have a heavy burden of justification to show authorization under the constitution? >>clayton: the biggest highlight is what you her. what is the fate of the law? one of the key legal thinkers who developed the case against the health care law's individual mandate, georgetown university law professor and senior at the cato institute joins us. randy nice to have you. what did you see nobly --
4:16 am
initially that stood out to you? and did you see when you looked at justices and their words it will get overturned or go the other way? >>guest: well, the 19 30's and 40's movies where the rotters run out to file their story, when justice kennedy said that clip that you just layed, they would have, if they could have, they would all run out and picked up the phone. that was telling, probably the most important clip of six hours of oral argument because he identified what was at stake, what we said all along that was at stake, that if this new power of congress to mandate the people buy products from private companies is allowed to stand it will fundamentally change the relationship of the individual to the federal government and he said it. >>clayton: the obama administration trying to payment the case that health care is about freedom. do you thing that it is possible, you have stood in the supreme court, you have argued
4:17 am
cases, is it possible to sway their opinions in that way and did the obama administration do a good job trying to sway the opinions of the justices? >>guest: the solicitor general was at this point, the 9th inning and he was swinging for the fence and that statement by him opened it up for a lawyer say a funny kind of liberty where the government can force people to enter into contracts this we do not want to enter. i don't think oral argument changes things. the justices came in well prepared and knew our arguments from the briefs and what happened, this week, is the government's argues did not fall upon receptive ears. >>clayton: a question from the oral arguments is whether or not the bill could be severed, taking out the individual mandate from the law and leaving other portions of the law intact. the justices were asking those questions throughout the week, whether this could exist in that capacity. what is your sense of where this could go if the individual mandate is removed?
4:18 am
>>guest: well, i have a lot less about that but one option off the table and that is what happened in the lower court. you take the mandate out and leave the rest of the law even the federal government said if you take the mandate out you have to take out the insurance company regulations so at a minimum, that is what will happen and, hopefully, the justices will see if you take 9 heart of the body, there is no point in leaving the rest of the bill. >>clayton: thinking about then candidate obama running for the white house, he was not a supporter of the individual mandate and he had questions about the constitutionality of it. 70 it ironic, now, this is what the obama administration is hanging its hat on? >>guest: i don't think he necessarily had, his opposition to the mandate was because he had constitutional objections but he could have said it would be politically unpopular which is what it turned out to be, 72 percent, 80 percent of the
4:19 am
american people do not think the federal government should have the power to make you enter it to contracts with private companies. that is unpopular. >>clayton: as we enter june because now the oral arguments are done and it is fascinating to me to learn a lot can change until june when this is finally voted on. what are some of the changes? could anything happen over the coming months that could alter the outcome? >>guest: what happens as of year the justices would have voted and the opinion would have been a sign, whoever would write the majority opinion would know that, and, what happens now the justices read, someone goes, they start writing the drafts and the justices can change their mind after they read the drafts and votes can change, but there is no way to know how that will go. >>clayton: brenham try to predict the supreme court all the time and they fail miserably. thank you, randy, fascinating to have your expertise to share. >>guest: thank you for having
4:20 am
me. >>clayton: a woman is taking on her condo association. and before the demise, someone was on the verge of becoming a navy seal ok, guys-- what's next ?
4:21 am
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>>dave: the greatest golfer in the world on the way to sheeterring every record and now in a tell-all book his former swing coach is opening up with a
4:24 am
detailed account of the six years spent with the golf sensation. hank haney is his former coach and author of "the big myth," good to see you, hank. i have used several markers worth of ink such a fascinating read but you are coming under a lot of criticism as you know for writing the book, not just from tiger woods, his agent, but, fellow coach, one saying i would rather be broke and not have a opinion any before i violate the code of player-teacher confidentiality. i am personally upset he broke and violated the code of ethics." >>guest: that is an unwritten code, but i thought of these things before i wrote the book and i was comfortable with writing the book. the bottom line for me is when you are around greatness leak i was you are asked about it all time and i was always asked
4:25 am
about tiger woods and i wanted to shair my thoughts and observations and it got down to the fact these were my memories as were as they were tigers. >>dave: when you read it i cannot determine if tiger woods was a happy man, with hundreds of millions, the greatest golfer, and winning six majors with you 34 p.g.a. tour events, an adoring fans and beautiful wife and family. was he ever happy? >>guest: winning tournaments made him happy especially major championships. i saw that his attitude and smile was bigger. >>dave: but we when his wife wanted to celebrate, he said he didn't want to have a party. >>guest: that story was to illustrate how tiger woods pushes law the bad things and the good things and he keeps going. most players win one tournament and they can barely make the cut
4:26 am
the next week. it takes so much. but tiger woods won seven tournaments in a row one stretch and he put the successes and the failures in the past and he does it quickly. >>dave: the most interesting revelation is the obsession, obsession with the military. obviously came from his father and he sent on six navy seal training missions. >>guest: at least. >>dave: during one year. how far was he willing to take this fantasy? >>guest: well, there was a time when i thought and others in his camp, that he was contemplating joining the navy seals or trying to join the navy seals. that is what i thought would happen. he went to two places on the east coast for training exercises with navy seal teams and he went to two other facilities on the west coast. so he did this quite a bit. and there were times when he was there when he was working on parachute jumping and firearms
4:27 am
training, and self-defense, and --. >>dave: on one mission "kill house," you allege he actually tore the acl which is junior because we never heard that, how he was injured and it obviously affected his golf game. what do you have to back that up? >>guest: i was doing a clinic in minnesota a lady said my husband is a navy seal and in san diego, near san diego and he was there the day that tiger was working with the navy seals at the "kill house," and hurt his knee and she thought he hurt it bad and i heard the same thing again from a friend of mine who was, also, a good friend of tiger and he told me that tiger told him that is where hebrew out the knee that he came around the corner and he did not brace himself in the stand and he got kicked in the legs and this is what tiger told a friend of his and a friend of mine. >>dave: and he pushed back against that story but it
4:28 am
affected his entire future. let's with respect it up now as something you say the bigness found its way into his life. his march toward golf history is over, he won at bay hill and he is the favorite to win at the masters and the stats resemble those during his height. can he beat the record? >>guest: he has the time to do it. if he overcomes, it will match his destiny. i will be part of the record. i had a part to play not his record for six years. >>dave: will he do it? >>guest: he has the time to do it. he need as major this year. or he will have gone four years without a major and time will watch up. >>dave: a fascinating read. we will see how he does at the
4:29 am
masters. i wish you well. >>clayton: remember this school bus from the tornado in henryville, indiana? we get a look inside of the bus when it was hit bit twister. >>alisyn: if you want to make friends at work keep your desk clean. people admit they do judge their co-workers based on the cleanliness of the work space. how tidy do you keep your desk? skateboard legend in the making. i'm more of an absentee plant parent.
4:30 am
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4:34 am
of skateboarding. >>clayton: remarkable to have the reach, in california, pulling off the first ever 1080. that is three complete midair spins. right? three. three. three. and he could have gone for more it looks. he said it was the hardest trick he had ever done but easier than he ever thought. he is the youngest to hit a 900. >>dave: he practices it five times and just casual and hanging out. five times. nailed it. >>clayton: is it because he is tiny? an older skate border cannot pull it off because you weigh more? >>alisyn: i could pull off. we want to know what your office
4:35 am
space, your office desk looks like? this new survey shows 57 percent of people do actually judge their colleagues based on how messy their office or their desk is? >>clayton: we have a photo of dave's desk and i don't he if there is a more messy deck. well, rick's is bad, true. >>alisyn: what is going on here? >>dave: what is not going on is the question. look, i'm not at my desk a lot. it sevens as a storage unit. boxes. >>alisyn: i don't see a book. >>dave: coffee mugs. hair products. here is my thing, it could be messy but it is not dirty. i hate dirty. i'm okay with messy. >>clayton: dave snapped a photo of my deck because i cleaned it recently so it is not
4:36 am
bad. >>dave: cleaner than a couple of weeks ago. >>clayton: i usually have gadgets all over the place, and it is clean. and i dusted. >>alisyn: my deck is misleading, here is my deck if you get a close up it is misleading because i'm try, trying, trying of working on paper and those are my legal briefs. >>clayton: wait, you have a rolodex? >>alisyn: look how big that is, that is the rolls royce of them. with we every number in it. i am old school. >>clayton: you treat people differently because of how their desk looks.
4:37 am
>>dave: rick is my office mate and that is average for me, and i don't what it is with cups. >>alisyn: he keeps ... is that a ski jacket? rick: who knows? just a pile of stuff. >>clayton: looks like a biology experiment. rick: a little bit of that. the cups accumulate over time. my homemade granola. i didn't realize i had a jaeger shot picture. >>clayton: send us a photo of your deck and let us know what you thing. rick: being an office mate with dave our decks are equally messy so there is no anger about that. that is the good part. we have a big mass of warm air across the central part of the
4:38 am
country and we have been saying this all positive, about 30 degrees above average across the northern plains and tomorrow it doesn't really move were. we will continue to see temperatures staying warm and stretching down further into colorado and kansas with temperatures at 30 degrees above average. so, very, very nice. >> the warm air, guys, across the plains, we will deal with severe weather and i will take a look at pictures and video coming from henryville, indiana, the school bus that was lodged inside a diner across the street, that was 100 yards great where the school bus started and this week the video came out from inside that bus and the audio from the school bus driver who got all the kids safely out the bus, take a listen to the video. >> everybody get off the bus
4:39 am
rick: imagine what the bus drive was thinking and how quickly she got the bus back to a safe place and got 11 students off the bus quickly before the bus was tossed into the diner, amazing video of the tornado that you see there, and these are the images, if it was a couple of of minutes later it wd be a different story. so many of the stories coming out but the video giving you an idea the power of that tornado. guys? >>alisyn: incredible story. thank you for all of that, risk. and now, the chinese government is already rejecting sanctions propped by the white house on iran's oil exports. yesterday, presbyterian announced he was going forward with a plan to punner countries that buy oil from iranian effort to cut off iran's cash employee and stop them from building a
4:40 am
nuclear weapon. the white house said sanctions will not cause gas prices to rise higher because this is enough crude oil already on the market. and the national average price for a gallon of gas rose again on friday to $3.93. there are new details of josh powell, a newly released search warrant police found a tarp and gas can and shovel after his wife disappeared this 2009 and it shows that her blood was found platterred in the family home and she wrote a note expressing fears that he could do something to hurt her when day. all this evidence, of course, raising new questions why josh was never charged in the case. he went on to kill himself and his two young sons this year. her body has never been found. >> a connecticut woman taking her condo association to court saying they violated hero learnous freedom.
4:41 am
she dismays a jewish token, and they say it is not allowed and they must take it down or face $50 fine each day. >> actually personally it hurts. i was violated. >>alisyn: the association does allow other religious symbols to be posted including on front doors but not the door post. those are the headlines. >>dave: today may not be the great of the day but going for a bicycle ride a fund spring activity but it will keep you this shape. >>alisyn: here comes peewee. >>dave: but you may not look cool.
4:42 am
>>alisyn: clayton, the stairs. the stairs. the stairs. >>alisyn: if you do not pick the winning numbers do not worry, a man who has won the lottery seven times shares his secrets. twenty-five thousand mornings, give or take, is all we humans get.
4:43 am
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4:46 am
>>clayton: 640 million reasons to get out of bed a winning ticket sold in milford mill, maryland, but the identity is unknown. check your tickets. you will want to listen to our guest, who has won the lottery seven times the author of "learn how to increase your chances of winning the lottery." >>clayton: sadly, i didn't play but none us here not office actually won but we understand that one person may have won out there. you have won seven times. what is your secret? your system? how do you consistently win the lottery? >>guest: well, i have many aspects to my method. too much for a short interview but there are key points. one i have been pushing this week, of course, is setting a budget. people can get crazy when a jackpot gets this high. and they will spend more money they can afford.
4:47 am
set a budget. stay in the budget. what is controversial about my method that people do not believe i tell people do not play quick pick. with quick pick you never increase your chance of winning and that is the title of my book "learn how to increase your chances of winning." that is what i am teaching people, not guaranteeing they will when a grand prize but i teach you how to at least increase your chances. >>clayton: do you play the same numbers every time? i don't if you can see the winning numbers they look to us like they could have been quick picks. >>guest: well, the first part the question is i do play the same numbers all time and i have done my research as i teach people in the book to do it. i cannot see the numbers on screen but i remember the numbers. the mega money number is matching a number.
4:48 am
23/23. that usually is an unusual seen because most people who pick their own numbers do not repeat the number so, yes, this could have been a quick pick and i tell people it doesn't mean you cannot win with quick pick but if you want a better chance of winning do not play them. that is my method. i have won seven times. >>clayton: other tips for anyone who bought tickets save them because you may not know if all the winners have been accounted for. >>guest: not just that. more importantly than that, people do not realize when you win large sums of money you pay taxes on it and once you know that they do not realize when they give you your check and they take out taxes they have only taken out a portion of the taxes you will pay. you still have to record, report that when you file your taxes and in most cases you will find out you owe more taxes so what i tell people keep the tickets
4:49 am
because only an accountant can tell you for sure but you may be able to write off your losing tickets against the taxes you have paid on the winning. >>clayton: when you win how quickly do you come forward and how quickly is it important for the winner to secure their financial future? ing i have come forward quickly because i have done this a lot and i know what i am doing but i tell people, before you do anything if you are a big winner, before you do anything, get yourself an attorney. financial advisor. and accountant. maybe all three. make sure those people knowing what they doing because there are some people that do not. they will help you determine how to handle that huge influx of money. >>clayton: odds of winning were one in 175 million. thank you for coming back on the show. still ahead the government backing mortgages that helped homeowners buy their dream house
4:50 am
and helps cover the cost of repairs, our real estate expert explains this could be too good to be true. cannot try bicycling in the spring? up next we will show off the best bicycles for men, women, and kids. i stepped on the machine, and it showed me the pressure points on my feet and exactly where i needed more support.
4:51 am
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>>dave: it could be raining outside our studio but warmer weather and sunshine is right around the corner so why not go for a bicycle ride with the family? >>alisyn: we have the best men's womens and kids motorcycle and joining us is editor and chief of a bicycle magazine.
4:54 am
bicycling is great, a little old school because this are so many fangled things but it can burn 600 calories an hour. >>guest: that is right. if you go uphill. but, downhill ... sorry, sorry. >>alisyn: tell us the best bikes. the long -- a road bicycle? >>guest: a giant tr composite two, which is the standard for all performance bicycles. even you can lift it up. >>dave: if she can lift it, rest assureed. >>guest: all the tour de france will ride and this is what all weekend warriors want to fly. >>dave: is that the primary characteristic that makes it special? >>guest: the weight and rigidity, you press on the table and it moves failure. >>dave: first, why would you want a road bike versus a
4:55 am
mountain bicycle? >>guest: in the title, if you are riding on the roads, on paveed road, around the neighborhood, these tires are -- you going to fly. there is very little, like the butchy things are for grabbing on to ground, this is for smooth surface. >>alisyn: this looks more comfortable. what makes this a great women's bicycle. >>guest: it is built for specifically a woman's frame. all of the bicycles can be fitted for women so it is important you do not just pick one online and say that looks pretty i want that but go to a retailer and get sized. >>alisyn: this ain't cheap and this is $2,500. >>guest: you don't think that is cheap? >>dave: if you are only doing off-road. >>guest: speaking of not cheap, the mega millions winner
4:56 am
is out there this is their bicycle, this could go up to $8,500. this is a yedi, not a motor, but made for bombing mountains. the shock absorbents and you can hit rocks and boulders. this guy goes for $250 the ideal computer bicycle great for words and off-roads. >>alisyn: and now, family cruising, i am in cruising gear this is how i ride every sunday. what makes this is great bicycle for families? >>guest: they are fun. you smiling. you are just sitting on it. these things are three speeds, not exact lightweight but they are a lot of fun and you can see the nice little wood crate if you register it online i hear one of them could pop up at your
4:57 am
door. >>dave: kids' options we will put them on our website. three mega millions winners we will tell you what states won the magic numbers. ok, guys-- what's next ? chocolate lemonade ? susie's lemonade... the movie.
4:58 am
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so why settle for gold when you can have so much more? chase sapphire preferred is a card of a different color. call the number on your screen or visit our website to apply. >>alisyn: good morning, everyone, someone is making up a lot richer this morning, the numbers are this for the record mega millions jackpot but did not lose faith, there could still be more winners out there. we will tell you the latest. >> the race for the president shifting into general election mode now, president obama and romney going toe to toe and offering their views on our country. >> in america our story has never been about what we can do by ourselves but about what we can do for you. >> it is not government's role to guarantee that everyone of us will achieve success. >> whose view is right? we report, you decide. >>clayton: patriot or
5:01 am
propaganda, the latest music spread yes of katy perry getting slammed by the left? what is wrong with saluting our troops? "fox & friends" hour throw starts right now. >> breaks news. >>alisyn: breaking news we have the winning lottery numbers. chicago clay we get word there are three winners this morning but we cannot confirm it. >>dave: kansas and illinois had someone match the numbers, 2, 4, 23, 38, 46, and 23 appears a second time. you talk with the form lottery winner and that says it must have been quick picks because i assuming no one picks 23 twice. >> most people do not peck --
5:02 am
pick numbers twice. >>alisyn: this is the biggest jack president ever in history, the previous record holder was a mere $390 million. chump change. compared to this $640 million. listen to this, here are numbers to breakdown, it is estimated americans spend $1.5 billion on trying to win the jack president. >>clayton: 42 states were in play and washington, dc and the v olds and the revenue, that is go, goes to funding education and social services program so it is not a waste. but we thought it would be interesting to see what you could do with the $1.5 billion revenue. >>dave: feeding people? you could feed 238,000 households for an entire year because it costs around $6,000 a year to feed your average family. >>alisyn: or fill up your tank
5:03 am
many times, in fact, 685,000 households annually for the entire year they would not have to purchase gas. >>clayton: and 2.4 million shares of apple shot which is selling for over $600 a share for apple stock. >>alisyn: want a ride into space? 7,300 people could ride into space on the space ship. that is how much it would cost. >>clayton: the person who won in maryland has not chairmaned -- claimed the rise. our guest who has won seven times said he would come forward right away. he thought come forward right away so you get your ducks in a row and were knows it is you. >>dave: a name on twitter we will not throw out but it has been circulating all over the twitter "tom," in maryland all over twitter and not confirmed.
5:04 am
>>alisyn: if you have a friend in maryland, call them right now and tell them to check the numbers right new. if you have won that you could trim this year's expected $1.3 trillion federal deficit but not by very were, it would just be .1 percent. so, $640 million you only get .1 percent. >>dave: and the revenue $1.46 billion. all the tickets purchased. >>alisyn: a fraction. >>dave: and we forked out five bucks so we helped out. >>alisyn: your welcome, america. and now top u.s. intelligence officials are warning that the threat from al qaeda is growing stronger by the day. they say the terror group is gaining ground in the arabian peninsula despite the death of a top leader, american born cleric al-awlaki, you will remember he was killed in a c.i.a. led drone
5:05 am
strike in yemen six months ago. reverend sharpton is warning that more civil disobedience and economic sanctions could happen unless george zimmerman is arrested immediately. sharpton is holding a rally in sanford, florida and will "move to the next level," if zimmerman is not arrested in the shooting death. he will address the land today among thousands of demonstrators. >> mastercard and visa warn card holder some of the data if their accounts may have been breached. the companies is kept quiet of the extent the problem, financial insiders say it is massive and could involve ten million compromised card numbers. they say they have notified banks and law enforcement of this. >> now a health scare from one of the country's big of the music stars.
5:06 am
♪ white lightning >>alisyn: that is george jones the country music legend, recover i in a nashville hospital after being admitted for a breathing infection and the doctors say he is taking antibiotics and should be able to leave by tuesday. jones is now 80 years old and a member of the country music hall of payment and a kennedy center honoree with the most poignant beautiful voices around. we will play a little music for you. we will now confirm the three states did, in fact, have a winner, kansas, illinois, and maryland and all the numbers selected if you combine me, rick and alyson's tickets we did not get more than three numbers. combined. >>clayton: rick's mom said they was going to put a new roof
5:07 am
on the house if she won. sorry, mom. rick: i won he dollars, guys. >>dave: you will have to split that these ways. rick: three dollars, that would be divided between he. as you wake up this morning another nice day, and nice temperatures temperatures and nice conditions moved to the central part of the country where the good weather has been all month and it is still that way with rain not east, and snow, again, across areas of the northeast and we certainly have not been talking about snow for a long time but we have snow, today, and we will have another shot of snow tomorrow night moving across upper new york and new england so get ready for a winter week. across the west, big storm pulling out and heavy rain it will move to san francisco later today and some areas we are talking 5" to 6" of rain and a
5:08 am
few feet of snow. severe weather this afternoon across parts of the mid-mississippi valley area and alabama and toward tennessee and hail and wind but reasonable in tornadoes. to they are, they will be small. temperatures from nebraska and oklahoma in the 80's, good for march. not bad at all. >>dave: the fires need some cool temperatures. >>clayton: we heard of the so-called buffett rule when president obama was talking about this, the idea that warren buffett pays less anyone taxes than does his secretary. while the president is, again, resurrecting that talking point and going about it open the saturday radio address this morning. take a listen. >> in america our story has never been about what we can do by ourselves. it is about what we can do together. about believing in our future, and the future of this country. so tell your members of congress
5:09 am
to do the right thing. call them up. write them a letter. pay them a visit. and tell them on stop giving tax breaks to people who do not need them and invest in the things that will grow our economy and put people back to work. >>alisyn: so he is presumably talking about the buffett rule that he will push again and that proposed to raise the capital gains tax which is how warren buffett has gotten rich from 15 percent to 30 percent. >>dave: it is making sure that anyone who makes $1 million a year pays at least 30 percent. >>alisyn: and buffett has been able to find a loophole. >>dave: but a lot of people who make the capital gains have been taxed once on their income and they are taxed twice when they invest so, it is a popular political lean. is it a serious economic answer?
5:10 am
you decide. here is romney's take. >>guest: the promise of america has always been if you worked hard, and were willing to take risks, there was an opportunity to build a better life. for you. for your family. for the next generation. it is not government's role to guarantee that everyone of us will achieve success. this nation was founded on the principles that we have a god given right to pursue happiness. it is the pursuit that is guaranteed. not the result. it is the opportunity that is guaranteed. not the outcome. we are an opportunity nation. >>clayton: americans making $1 million a year or more would pay 30 percent tax rate. men and women say, why not have an agreement on the corporate loopholes in the tax structure? there is actually bipartisan
5:11 am
agreement from both parties on closing the tax loopholes and people believe that you could officer revenue, you could actually get rid of the types of problems by just nexting the loopholes. >>alisyn: and lower their corporate tax rate which is the highest, the united states is said to be the highest, you could lower the corporate tax rate and it could kill the loop hopes. >>dave: some suggest the buffett real would lower our tax base, people have accountants that make a lot of money and they are creative and you could have less money coming into the federal government. at best you are talking about $37 billion over 10 years, not enough to do anything about the deficit. >>clayton: let us know what you think about the buffett rule at >>alisyn: the government backing mortgages to help homeowners not only buy their dream house but it helps cover their costs to repair their
5:12 am
house. are real estate experts on board with this? >>dave: patriot or propaganda for katy perry? water, we take our showers with it. we make our coffee with it. but we rarely tap its true potential and just let it be itself. flowing freely into clean lakes, clear streams and along more fresh water coast line than any other state in the country. come realize water's true potential. dive in-to the waters of pure michigan. your trip begins at
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5:15 am
>>dave: we told you of a winning ticket sold in maryland and two other tickets were sold with the winning numbers, one in kansas, one in illinois, stay right here as we get the breaking news and divide the $300 million in a third. >>clayton: thanks, dave. have you ever dreamed of buying a home but it need too many
5:16 am
repairs to be affordable? it was a foreclosure and shuttered? this is good news. the federal government is helping homeowners with a 203 (k) mortgage giving homeowners the money to buy the house and the money to next it and turn it into a steal. here is our real estate expert. i have loved real estate for a long time and i never heard of this loan before. i had no idea what this does. explain how this actually works. >>guest: a great idea. when i bought my first home i was out of college, i didn't have much money, and i bought a fixer upper but i didn't have the money to put into the property after my downpayment and my closing costs. what this listen program allows you to do is actually, like a credit line, in essence, you have money in your mortgage to be able to next up your property. the housing market, it will help the recovery.
5:17 am
>>clayton: are there negatives? maybe to helps people who cannot afford to have the house they need. or, perhaps, is giving them money where they do not need it in a neighborhood that probably doesn't need the repairs? explain? are there negatives? >>guest: i don't think there are negatives because there are guidelines if implemented properly. there are contractors that have to be approved, and as a whole it is not only going to help, but it is going to help the neighborhood, and it will help families be able to finally realize a dream of homeownership and rather than renting, because the rental mark is doing well, rather than representing it will encourage home buying. >>clayton: will it encourage home buyers or encourage investors? the front page of the "wall street journal" talking about the issue, an investment market right now and all the investors are coming in and they are able to get the loans but the little go that cannot get the loan because the investors are jumping.
5:18 am
>>guest: great point. but investment sales are actually up. they are. but what is happening there, investors are going and buying properties which people cannot qualify for and they representing them back to your home owners, the former homeowners who cannot afor the house anymore. so, in essence it is a win-win situation. for everybody in the market. bank of america is testing something right now where people that cannot afford their homes, they are trading their deed and they are allowing the homeowners to rent the rot for market create. what is happening the investors are scooping up the rots and bying them at a great rice and renting them back to the former homeowners. >>clayton: do you still need 20 percent down? >>guest: absolutely. you go to a bank, you say you want a loan for a louse and the bank, as i understand, they bring a contractor with them and they bring a we guy with a hammer and hard hat to the house but, they see how many repairs are needed, and they write a
5:19 am
check incrementally to the contractor? >>guest: that is absolutely the best way to do it because that way it is regulated. opposed to giving people money for something that is not going to be executed. so, again, if implemented properly it will not only help homeowners but rejuvenate the neighborhoods with fixer uppers. >>clayton: a win-win. >>guest: and the housing market is involving, a lot of mixed signals but overall we are up 8.8 percent from last february and your mom is in the real estate industry. >>clayton: my mother-in-law and my father is a realtor. thank you for bringing optimism. should a city shut down and jam your cell phone to prevent chaos? it is happening. is this beg brother -- big brother?
5:20 am
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the largest class size in the nation. 47th out of 50 in per-student funding.
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5:24 am
it is 400 to 500 calories. it will not fill you out. switch to a breakfast sandwich. you will get they times the protein, cut out 100 or 200 calories and the protein will keep you for the rest of the day. and you will take in fewer calories. go with ham, egg, and cheese on english muffin. >>dave: and there is a better snack than granola bar? >>guest: this is basically a step away from a candy bar. a lot of sugar. you want to switch to beef jerkcy, a serving, 80 calories, 15 grandmothers -- grams protein unheard of in snack food.
5:25 am
>>dave: is loose granola better? >>guest: the same thing, glued together with sugar. you are padding it down. >>dave: a last our kids eating fruit cocktail you say not necessarily. >>guest: go with fresh truth. but canned fruit is a good second choice. look at the can and if you see small heavy syrup, you see "syrup," that should be on pancakes not in the fruit. so go with fruit cocktail and 100 percent fruit percent. you will cut out the amount of sugar found in an entire snickers bar. read the fine present. >>dave: cre gut? -- yogurt? >>guest: yogurt with fruit on the bottom that should say sugar on the bottom. that is what it is. you are get more sugar than
5:26 am
fruit. if you can make one change, switch to fresh fruit. you will get more fiber. and more nutrients. and, real fruit sugar rather than the added sugar. >>dave: and it will taste better? salad dressing can be a problem when it says "fat free." >>guest: people are surprised you thing you are saving calories because it is fat free. but your body needs a little bit of fat to digest the nutrients so you switch to a little bit of fat, such as olive oil and you will get 400 percent to 500 percent more of the essential nutrients. >>dave: kip the fat free. good tips. coming up, is the president using high gas prices as a
5:27 am
political football to push his green energy agenda? will it hurt him in november? clayton taking a stroll down the hall with governor huckabee. plus, patriot or propaganda? a music video is slammed by the left and they call for a boycott. but what is wrong with absoluting our troops? we will discuss that ok, guys-- what's next ?
5:28 am
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5:31 am
>> the jackpot is $640 million. that's a lot. even the greek government was over here buying tickets. >> three states with winners: maryland, kansas and illinois. this morning when we woke up it was just maryland. so that give, now he has to split it. >>dave: it was $307 million after taxes and now you split that number and over $100
5:32 am
million a winner and you have to imagine some of the numbers came in an office pool. so, no one is pitying the winner but the number is shrimping -- slinking by the minute. >>clayton: and we will have governor hung buy -- governor huckabee has never played the lottery. as i have never played. >>dave: and clayton is a smart guy. >>alisyn: and now the other news, a federal judge in wisconsin finds a law limiting collective bargaining to be constitutional, and it has been upheld after a year. two provisions were overturned, the part of the law banning public workers from allowing beyond dues to be automatically taken from the paycheck. and the part where unions must resort, "each year. you have to see this video, a
5:33 am
police take down in arizona. a suspect bailed out the car if an attempt to evade police. as you can see it did not work. and he got the smack down right in the middle of the road. are those pajamasst >>clayton: he did a wrestling move there. >>alisyn: this guy has a long criminal history and wanted on felony drug charges and he was driving with a suspended license. and he forgot to get dressed. this august protesters gather on a train lat form to await further instructions by text so the transit officials turned their service off. the action starting debate over whether it violates the first amendment. bart now is becoming the first transit agency in the country to adopt guidelines to jam underground cell phone service. they argue it should be allowea.
5:34 am
your favorite story of the day, a katy perry boycott? the music video is sparking a war of words. ♪ never ever take away from me, ever ♪ >>alisyn: what is the controversy? she transforms herself into a u.s. marine, and a feminist calls the video "a total piece of propaganda for the marines," and says fans should boycott perry from glorifying violence. here is what some of you had to say about the video.
5:35 am
>>clayton: people say this is the first time they have downloaded a music video from itunes because of her video. >>alisyn: it is catchy. rick: i own it. i'm with dave. i like it. it's great. catchy tune. a guy says, am i the only supporter? >> i am from south bend, indiana. go irish! rick: dave, you have to talk about games. and now a look at the weather maps in colorado we have the fires we have been battling, and another windy afternoon and, tomorrow, more wind and the temperatures will be 85 for a high in denver and 91 in pueblo
5:36 am
so it will be a dangerous fire season across colorado this year and everything is drying out. across the rest of the country, toward the northeast, the white stuff is snow in the northeast. and more tomorrow night. a cool and stormy weekend. drizzle right now. in the southeast we are talking about rain across eastern side and north florida and a few thunderstorms and very warm temperatures in texas purring -- pushing 100 degrees in laredo. not north, crazy warmth around 30 degree above average and 86 and across the areas of the west another winter storm pulling into northern california and heavy rain and heavy mountain snow, again, and fee -- phoenix, today, 92. >>clayton: we were talking george jones on the coach with
5:37 am
governor hung -- huckabee. >>governor huckabee: we will talk about lesser things like politics. >> we saw a lot of endorsements, rubio came forward and senior been came forward for romney and the question is how long can newt gingrich and rick santorum stick it out and do the endorsements matter? is the party coalescing. >>governor huckabee: it matters. it shows the sense of momentum. romney needs right now the inof thibility -- the inevitability to be put cement. we think he will win in washington, dc and maryland and it is harder to make the case he will not be the nominee. it could be in april or may or june but it is harder and harder for newt gingrich and ron paul to say we could fight it out. it does thought noon -- mean
5:38 am
they have to quit. >>dave: if you are the nominee, who do you pick for nominee? rubio? >>governor huckabee: rubio is the best choice for many reasons. he is articulate. dynamic. hispanic background would be helpful and unwith of the -- and one of the most attractive candidates a rock star at the federal level. a great guy. he does not want to tease this right now and he is smart. he is sincere. he enjoys doing what he is doing in the senate. so, for him it would be that he felt the call of duty for his country would rise above that. >>alisyn: and the president was talking about this week, whether it is time to end the subsidies for the big oil. the president said they made
5:39 am
$137 million in profits last year, his point, the big five oil companies. we should double down on investments in clean energy such as wind and solar and biofuels and investment this fuel efficient cars and trucks that is the future. >>governor huckabee: the president does not understand the supply and demand. the price goes up because demand is higher than supply. the senate this week had an opportunity to raise the taxes on the oil companies. they didn't. democrats joined in saying "no." because for one reason: you
5:40 am
raise the taxes, guess whose prices go up? yours. at the pump. and you are already paying five bucks a gallon and headed toward five and maybe to six before the summer is over. why punish the consumers. >>clayton: it is argued by the right saying we have to end the subsidies forever, for farms, oil and gas, and ethanol. end the hand outs. >>governor huckabee: that is the right call ultimate textually we should not pick winners and losers whether it is oil or corn. but the bigger point if we are saying they are profitable, go after them, apple is profitable, will we have an apple tax? as wrong as it is to subsidize creating winners it is wrong to create arbitrary losers by saying, well, we will hurt them because they are profitable. the question is, are we making a
5:41 am
bigger statement or looking out on the landscape and see someone doing well and taking them down seeing someone who is failing who is not doing well because they are mismanaged and say, we will prop them up? >>dave: the bigger question is how the supreme court will decide how obamacare will fall out. some say if it is unconstitutional, the president could actually when here by moving to the center, karl rove floating a similar theory in the "wall street journal" column, and is it possible a when for the president if it is unconstitutional? >>governor huckabee: i don't see how. this is the big thing that he has put out there and interestingly when the second anniversary of it came around he dent put two candles on a cake and say, let's celebrate, but he wanted to not talk about it. an amazing distancing from the very signature item. i cannot see how he goes out and
5:42 am
says i'm a great president because i led us to pass thisry deck -- this ridiculous bill that the supreme court overturned, and 70 percent of the american people did not want this. >>clayton: but he could spend it as the republicans killed it. >>governor huckabee: he got it passed, he can not blame this on the republicans but this week his press secretary changed the whole language of obamacare and started talking about how this is a bipartisan bill, and it was based on a republican idea. that is "spin." >>alisyn: more to talk to you about. >>governor huckabee: george jones included? >>alisyn: and president obama's open mike moment with russian president this week has many people wondering about the president's priorities if re-elected. i stepped on the machine, and it showed me the pressure points on
5:43 am
my feet and exactly where i needed more support.
5:44 am
i had tired, achy feet. until i got my number. my dr. scholl's custom fit orthotics number. now i'm a believer. you'll be a believer, too. learn where to find your number at
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5:46 am
>>clayton: dave is checking his numbers. >>alisyn: again. >>dave: i keep checking. and i still didn't win. >>clayton: this was an open mike moment heard around the world. president obama in south korea heard saying this to the russian president.
5:47 am
>>alisyn: the president laughed off the comments and some wonder what his real priors are if he is re-elected and we back with governor huckabee. what was that exchange? how do you interpret that change? >>governor huckabee: amaze show of arrogance. he assume he will be re-elected and he is making a side deal with the russian president saying don't worry when i am elected and i don't have to worry about what the americans think about my decision i will make deals because i will have the flexibility i don't have. he is president new. if it is a good deal particular it is a good deal now. make it and tell us what it is, take it to the senate for confirmation, did not play this. i was appalled. this in the kind of thing a president of the united states make as deal with the not so trendily russia and does it in a way that says i'll do this behind closed doors, that is the problem this president is going
5:48 am
to have. >>dave: what is that deal? >>governor huckabee: he makes as if he will have a nuclear agreement and maybe cut back. fine. if that is a good idea. talk about it to the american people. not to the russian president. >>clayton: and peggy noonan aid he is coming across as someone not operating in good faith leading to political bitterness and it is his fault as an increase in polarization is bad and it is a beg -- big fault of the president describing him as "getting creepy." >>governor huckabee: that was a great line. he has been in politics long enough to know there is no such thing as unguarded moment. if you are there with microphones present you must always assume they are on. you never can assume the
5:49 am
microphones turned off because they probably are not and many careers have been ended by someone who said something on a microphone. all guns are always loaded. all microphones are always on. two rules you should live by. >>alisyn: learned the hard way. >>clayton: who is on the show tonight? >>governor huckabee: dick morris and montgomery gentry and a couple of campaign presidential operatives who will talk about gas. without do you deal with the damage control after your guy said something that puts you on the front page? plenty of gaffes. >>clayton: i have never made one. >>clayton: great to see you. >>dave: remember this school bus in indiana? now we have a look from inside
5:50 am
the bus when the twist are hit. >>alisyn: three people are waking up richer this morning. and it is not the throw of us. but millions more were hoping for the lucky mega millions numbers although they knew the chances were so slim so why do we all think we will be the winner? why does dave cling to the hope this morning? a clinical psychologist is here to way in on all of this
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
>>alisyn: win, tickets from the jackpot from kiss kiss, illinois, and maryland. >>clayton: the odds of 176 million, countless could not stop from playing. and now we will talk to a psychologist about this. great to see you, doctor. is we lost our collective minds? we see the odds and we know the numbers, you can compare to winning a lottery at one in 10,000 chance of being struck twice by lightning and we still play. >>guest: it is the collect ever mine. at the love folks like to get together, they have the office pools, they know everybody else is doing it, and it becomes the collective experience, to be part of the group and something that is positive to pay your $2 or $3 and have a roller coaster ride and talk of the fantasy of
5:55 am
how you will spend the money and knowing you will not win. >>alisyn: but so many us spent a large portion of yesterday thinking about yacht we would buy do you call that delusional? >>guest: i call it fantasy. and there is nothing wrong with having a little positive fantasy with all the bad news we get all the time, this is something that a lot of folks had fun with. what i saw, i was this throw different pools with different places i work. >>alisyn: you, a doctor! >>guest: if i didn't play and they won i would feel like ... you are pressured to be in it but the important thing is, it brought about camaraderie, people were talking who never talked before or sat in the same room before. >>clayton: my co-host, dave, he has issues but this is not when. yesterday he texted us with the photo of the lottery ticket and e-mails and contemplating all
5:56 am
day what he would do with the money. he is okay. >>guest: look, last night on lou's show, several of the guests, like the 18 political anal folks who are all about the facts and think, they were talking about what they would do with the money and they would retire and buy their own network. >>alisyn: doctor, thank now coming in and letting us all feel healthier. >>clayton: diets for the kids. how much is too much? or too little. a mother literally starved her kid to keep the weight off. a seven-year-old on a diet? >>alisyn: and obamacare is supposed to be good for all. why is the postal service opting
5:57 am
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>> good morning, everyone, it's saturday, march 31st, i'm alisyn camerota. are you one of the lucky ones this morning, people in three different states are waking up much richer this morning, we're learning more about where the winning mega millions tickets were sold and we'll tell you. >> divvy that money up, folks, plus, it's hard to forget the school bus in indiana. now a look inside the bus when the tornado hit just seconds after the driver got the kids to safety. >> clayton: and diets for your children? how much is too much? or in the case of one mother two little. literally starved the kid to keep the weight or, extra weight. a seven-year-old. is that too early? "fox & friends" hour four starts right now.
6:01 am
♪ u. >> clayton: hey, everybody, if you're just now waking up. >> dave: we now know three mega millions winning tickets were sold. one in kansas, one in illinois and one at the a 7-eleven in maryland. >> clayton: that's where we find peter doocy this morning, he joins us live from that store in maryland and peter, sorry, it wasn't you, right? >> we don't know. >> reporter: we don't know yet who won. >> clayton: was it you? >> it's not me. >> reporter: this is the machine that sold the winning ticket and it's great the drawing was at eleven o'clock last night and the winning ticket we found out from maryland's lottery official was sold at 7:15 p.m. four hours, somebody came in and bought a quick pick and let the computer pick it next to the gum and they've got it
6:02 am
in the wallet or back pocket worth possibly, much, much more than 640 million dollars. they say they shattered here in maryland all kinds of record and the previous record was 10.5 million dollars in 2009 for a single day lottery sales, yesterday they think they did 15 or 16 maryland in maryland. that 640 million dollar is going to have to be reconciled and go up. and the store we're at now, stands to make $100,000 once the ticket is cashed in in and process the paper work. we don't know hot winner is, we don't know if they know that they won. the lottery says that they have no way of getting in touch with this person, but in maryland they say they're very excited and found out in the last few minutes there are winners in kansas, and also in illinois. just outside st. louis, so, some people, again, we don't know yet who the people are, but the person in maryland said while the identity remains a secret, they are advising whoever the person is if they're watching to sign the ticket and call a lawyer
6:03 am
or a financial planner and he also said that the lottery office is typically closed until 8:30 on monday morning here in maryland, but they would make an exception if this person gets a hold of them with one of the three tickets that they know about. >> alisyn: we wouldn't mind them calling us. >> dave: call us then the financial advisor. >> alisyn: do you know who the clerk is at that store who sold the winning ticket. >> don't know yet, but it's funny because people are coming in here and they see the news trucks and the people that they're regular and got the tickets they bought and keep coming up to this machine and get it swiped, but every single one i've seen five or six, just pops up not a winner. so, we've not seen the winner, but somebody bought one ticket for less than a large slurpee and walked out upwards of 640 million dollars in cash. >> alisyn: beautiful.
6:04 am
>> dave: go get yourself a slurpee and beef jerky and find yourself a winner, thank you, peter. >> clayton: if you're not aware that you won and three individuals that won so the the computers know they won and you could be getting out of bed and walking the dog a and-- >> or throw out your ticket as i probably would, before you realize that you've won, so check those numbers this morning, would you please. >> dave: split it in three and each person wins over $100 million. >> alisyn: after taxes. >> dave: yeah, all will clear more than 100 million dollars. and here is how it breaks down, which is fascinating and this is how much people spent across 42 states, 1.5 billion dollars spent on the lottery across the united states. and of course, as peter was saying, we don't know the total numbers yet so they're adding them up and may be more. >> alisyn: 42 states were part of the lottery that they all play and the revenue, and i
6:05 am
think that is the good news it doesn't vanish, it goes to state education and social service programs, and so you can feel good that you squandered that $5 like we did even though you didn't win. >> dave: so, we figured we'd tabulate what you could to with the 1.5 billion dollars that americans invested in this lottery. that breaks down to about two tickets per american. we could feed 238,000 households for an entire year because it costs about 6 grand to feed a family on average. >> clayton: and the gas pains go away, you could fill a tank-- >> wasn't sure if the gas was rehe lated to feeding them. >> clayton: might be similar. 685,000 households could fill up the tanks. >> alisyn: and buy as many shares of apples 2.4 million of stocks with that money. >> clayton: and on board the virgin galactic spaceship and
6:06 am
how many they're spending on the candidates a liquidation amount of money. quadruple the amount spent by all the presidential candidates combined with that. >> alisyn: that's a shocking number. >> dave: it sounds like it would be a great deficit reduction plan. not so fast. it could trim this year's expected 1.3 trillion dollar federal deficit by just over 1/10 of 1%. >> alisyn: that tells you how big the deficit is there. but it was nice to fantasize, 24 hours. >> clayton: or longer. e-mail us at and call us if you're the winner or even four out of five numbers, that's a winner. >> dave: we'll be discrete. >> clayton: we won't tell anyone your name. >> alisyn: even though dave floating around on the air in maryland. >> dave: tom, one of the first names. >> alisyn: and the chinese
6:07 am
government is rejecting sanctions proposed by the white house on iran's oil exports. president obama announcing he is going forward with the plan to punish countries that buy oil from iran. this is an effort to cut off iran's cash flow and stop them from building nuclear weapons. the white house says the sanctions will not cause gas prices to rise because there is enough crude oil already on the market. and the national average for green up again overnight to 3.93. well, in about two hours, reverend al sharpton and jesse jackson will join us the ncaa leaders during a march for trayvon martin. this is the 17-year-old's home town and sharpton threatened more civil obedience, and a boycott if george zimmerman is not arrested soon. he's expected to join the plans by the demonstrators, we'll bring you the latest.
6:08 am
how is this for an internal conflict. the u.s. postal service is looking to opt out of the federal health care law, post master general tells, kwot, if provided the authority to do so we believe we can provide our employees or retirees with the same or better health coverage for significantly less cost and the usps is extremely strapped for cash and going with a private health insurance policy would save them about 7 billion dollars a year. now, to a health scare for one of country music's biggest stars. ♪ >> that of course is george jones, the country music legend, recovering in a nashville hospital this morning after being admitted for upper respiratory infection and his doctors say he's taking antibiotics and should be be able to leave by tuesday. and jones is 80 years old. a member of the country music
6:09 am
hall of fame and as well as a kennedy center honoree. and his beautiful voice, we wish him well and a speedy recovery. >> that's the george jones i'm more familiar with. over to rick reichmuth, rick, very hot in colorado where the fires are burning. >> hot and it's going to be windy, again, tomorrow, for the fires, and not good news at all. dave, you bring up a good point. we're going to have a very active fire season across areas of colorado likely, because it's been so dry there and so warm so early. that, unfortunately, a the threat of severe weather and we're also getting more images in out of henryville, indiana and on march 2nd an ef-4 tornado tore through the town and one iconic image from that, a school bus that flew from across the street in the school parking lot into the the diner and we kept hearing stories about kids that had been on the bus just a couple of minutes before that bus was hurled across the street. now, we have some video coming from out of the inside of that bus. take a look at this, and
6:10 am
listen to the sounds as this happened. >> everybody in the middle of the bus! >> everybody stay together. >> this is what ended up happen. the audio was from a kuchl minutes before the school bus driver quickly thought she was driving away from the school and saw the tornado and quickly drove back to the school and got them off safely into the school and couple minute later that bus moved across the street and ended up into the diner. scary video coming out and because of the school, a lot of images and surveillance that we've been able to see the sights. the another threat for severe weather across the southeast, not talking large tornados today. the biggest threat is going to be hail and we can't rule out isolated smaller tornado. if you're anywhere in the yellow area, parts of arkansas, louisiana, mississippi, tennessee, that's going to be later this
6:11 am
afternoon, as the day heats up. right now, a lot of rain across the eastern seaboard and snow across areas of the northeast. i can't believe we have the 70's and 80's, but we have snow today and another shot of snow that's there for tomorrow night into monday morning, across the west, it's all winter still. northern california into oregon and heavy rainfall and snowfall again, as another winter storm comes into that area. >> all right, guys. >> and all the flowers that are going to be snow covered. >> clayton: i've seen them, they're drooping and crying. coming up on the show, he gave the ultimate sacrifice, a soldier who saved an afghan girl. and we'll talk to those that knew him. >> alisyn: and why do rick santorum and newt gingrich think that they have a great shot at winning the nomination? we're going to ask ann coulter, here she comes, sauntering into the studio. ♪
6:12 am
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6:15 am
>> this week, marco rubio, and then again it fits the pattern, romney is doing well, but he hasn't got 1144. >> alisyn: well, newt gingrich coming out and acknowledging that mitt romney picked up key endorsements this week. not only paul ryan and marco rubio and former president george h.w. bush. >> dave: with the slew of endorsements, why do they think they can win. and ann coulter, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> dave: we know you're probably pleased and take the the victory lap ard the studio. how does it change the
6:16 am
narrative now that he has the endorsements. people don't care about endorsements. >> right. >> dave: how does it change the race? >> right, and politicians, especially when they're still in office are hesitant to endorse presidential candidates they don't want to tick off constituents who supported different ones, so, i think it's more what we know after wisconsin. >> newt gingrich says he's staying in the race because he wants to make it to the convention, in case something happens and romney doesn't make that magical 1144 number. some people suggested it's sort of unbecoming to stay in, neither here nor there and to hover around. what do you think? >> i'm probably the wrong person to ask since i think it was unbecoming for newt gingrich to even run for president. >> clayton: or the perfect person. >> and look, he's smart and he says interesting things, an interesting person to talk to.
6:17 am
he's not presidential material. and that's always been against him and he has to know that. you can say it's unfair, but it's like being a punch bag, you can't have two affairs and run for president and take 1.6 million from freddie mac and run for president. >> dave: why can you have health care like romney did and run against health care at that point. >> it's not health care, two completely different bills. health care is medical care. these are bills that have to do unconstitutional-- >> and you don't think that-- >> no, obama is trying to persuade people of that, but two pillars of romney care we have to deal with and good to have someone like romney that understands it. the states are require them to serve anyone who comes into an emergency room. they pay for people that are uninsured who go to the emergency rooms and the governor has to deal with that. the other part of romney care absolutely what we need more
6:18 am
than anything else is to allow the insurance companies to offer catastrophic coverage and nothing else. what young people should be getting. any normal person would want to get. and two pillars of romney care is to complete lie to compare it to over 2,000 pages and. >> of course, in the supreme court hearing those oral arguments. >> some, including, james carville, suggested this could be the best thing, overturning it to be the best thing that happened to president obama and democrats and they could say we tried to give you health care, and a conservative court, republicans got rid testify, but we tried to bring it to you, and tried to do it and now we're going to move more towards the center and reelection, what do you say to that? >> for one thing that, analysis assumes that the american people are clamoring for obamacare and oh, no, please, supreme court, don't overturn it.
6:19 am
overwhelmingly since obamacare passed, a ma are the jo of americans opposed obamacare and why the democrats had sneak it through on the party line. and remember, they didn't vote on the-- >> and isn't that the issue that the republicans haven't put up an alternative version of health care. >> sure, we have, michelle bachman kept talking about it during the debates. it's medical care, the problem isn't so much healths insurance, we need to be able to access good medical care, and catastrophic insurance is one of the main things we need and the way you get that by allowing insurance companies to compete across state lines, and not to have federal requirements. under obamacare, they're going to have the hhs secretary issue the mandates and it has to cover this, presumes and this-- >> and you are the hhs counter for romney--
6:20 am
>> my-- would be fantastic. >> that would be three months until romney repeals it. >> dave: okay, governor romney you've heard it. >> that's what i want. >> dave: hhs. >> clayton: ann coulter, great to see you, we appreciate it. >> alisyn: up next, a very controversial topic, diet for your kids. how young is too young to put your daughter on a diet if the case of this mom you're seeing right here, her daughter was only seven. is that too little? she denied her daughter dinner to keep off the extra pounds. we had the pediatrician who started this family next. >> plus, celine dion's song helped to turn "titanic" into box office gold. one of dave's favorite. but actress sick to her stomach, tell you which actress doesn't like this song. ♪ ♪ we'll stay forever this way
6:21 am
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>> 9:24 eastern time. firefighters in colorado battling flames and building winds as they try to contain the last section after wildfire that killed two people, more than 25 homes have been destroyed and right now, the blaze is 70% contained, north of 80 degrees there today. and keith olbermann gets axed by current tv. founded by al gore, fired the host for breach of contract and olbermann tweeted he planned and taking legal action and he's replaced by
6:25 am
disgraced former new york governor eliot spitzer. who's up next, ali. >> alisyn: wait until you hear about this, an article in this month's vogue magazine, that's caused controversy. a mother who went public, and put her seven-year-old on a diet because doctors suggested the girl was obese. in the article she writes, quote, i once reproachfully deprived bea, her daughter, of dinner after learning her observation of french heritage day involved 800 calories and stopped letting her enjoy pizza friday when she admit today adding a corn salad. critics are calling out the mom and questioning the pediatrician whose diet the mom claims to have implemented. and doctor joanna is the pediatrician, an obesity specialist and the author of red lights, green lights, eat right. doctor, thanks for being on. you treated this daughter, and this mom.
6:26 am
you saw them. >> yes, and i have to tell you when you first hear about putting a seven-year-old girl on a very restricted diet, it raises the hackles of moms. >> absolutely. and the key to our program, red light, green light, eat right it's not a diet, it's preaching kids how to eat normally. how to make healthy choices. we're not born knowing how to eat so we want to give our children the schools they need so they can make healthy choices on their own. >> first being back to this mom. this mom brought in her daughter when she was 16 pounds overweight. she was seven years old. >> correct. >> 16 pounds overweight and that's considered obese. >> yes, she was at risk for medical problems at that weight and there was something that had to be done. llness fr her weight. >> alisyn: and everybody who knows, the girl overate, she didn't have a medical issue, wasn't loading up on hostess
6:27 am
ding-dongs, she overate food. still, so many parents would say it's baby fat, she'll grow out of that. isn't that true? >> it's not true. we're not seeing our kids grow out of the baby fat like they did. most likely due to the super sized portions we're eating and processed foods and it's not happening. it's important for parents to take action, however, you want to take the right kind of action and keep your child emotional level supported during the entire time. >> that's just it. when you start talking about restricting food from a seven-year-old. doesn't that set them up, particularly girls, for eating disorders in the future? >> well, at red light, green light, eat right. we do not restrict food and the studies do show that if you treat an overweight child in a sensitive manner, you decrease the risk of disordered eating. so, it's about doing it the right way. and there's no need for deprivation. with our program, every child gets two red light foods to
6:28 am
use each week. i want them to go to a party and have pizza and cake with friends and be a former cake and that's part of healthy eating. >> i want to talk about the things you think are the solutions for overweight kids. the first one is no public criticism. this mom actually failed on this front. because she was at a party and slap a cupcake out of other daughter's hand and says no, you're too heavy. you say bad. >> we want to your kids to feel good about themselves. sometimes in a public situation, a cold reminder, or it's chilly in there, a key for the child to think, should i make the choice. once the child makes the choice let them eat it, don't draw attention to it. we will talk about the situation at the next nutrition visit. where it will be an emotionally play. >> absolutely. if you want to know more about what to do if your child has gotten into some trouble with
6:29 am
food, you should read the doctor's book, red light, green light, eat right. we have so many great tips for parents and talking about the heated topic. >> thank you very much. thank you. >> he fought to defend your freedom and gave his life to save a little afghan girl. still ahead, we'll hear from two soldiers who knew him and honoring him this morning. then, were you one of the lucky ones? people in three different states, a lot richer this morning. up next, we're live at the location where one of those winning lotto tickets was sold. plus, get your garden ready for spring, home depot is here with everything you need to know to spruce up your garden. ♪ my name is robin.
6:30 am
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6:33 am
♪ >> how the the lotteries work. everybody puts money in and only one person or small group of people walk away with all the money. i'm sorry, that's our banking system. i get those two confused. yeah, i guess. >> clayton: there it is, welcome back to "fox & friends," and a news alert. you didn't win. sorry. most of you. we know that three mega
6:34 am
millions lottery tickets one in the northeast, northeast kansas and red bud, illinois and one at a seven september 11th at milford mill maryland and we know that peter doocy is not the winner and maybe he's being coy, he's at the 7-eleven and they get a chunk of change. >> right this 7-eleven off the highway in baltimore county we're told the line was arn the store all day long at 7:15, somebody walks in and a quick pick, let that machine, that red machine right there pick their ticket and pick the numbers and they walked out of here with one of those three winning tickets. the store does stand to make $100,000 once the ticket is processed and elsewhere, 17 people in new york and 10 people in o-o and five people in massachusetts not the first five numbers and missed mega ball number they'll get up $250,000. and the director of the
6:35 am
maryland lottery here, steven, you told me that the 640 million dollar number is likely to go up, why? >> well, i don't know it's likely to go up. but i think a reconciliation and we're going to see what sales actually were throughout the end of the day yesterday. when we spoke this director said the mega millions at 11:30 based on a projection and see where the sales were at and what the final number is. >> reporter: and do you have any idea yet who the winner was in maryland? >> we do not. so, you know, we're here and we know that the ticket was sold here, like you said a quick pick at 7:15 last night and it was the only ticket they bought. came in bought one ticket and that's all it took and we look to visiting with that person as soon as they get their affairs in in order and come in and ready to claim the ticket. >> i see cameras, everywhere, look at the camera and see who was at the machine at 7:15 last night. >> that's something the retailer controls not something that the lottery. the information that we need is in our system and we know the ticket was sold here and
6:36 am
we verified the numbers, so we look forward to that player coming in, in their time, when they get their affairs in order and think it's right time for them to come in and claim that ticket. >> reporter: thank you, i did talk to the person working and they said the person that came in only bought a ticket weren't here for a slurpee or a hot dog, walked out very rich. >> good investigative journalist, look at surveillance tape and pull it. >> dave: we want to see the person's face. >> alisyn: thanks, peter. call us if you want. two people are missing and feared dead following a massive fire that ripped through a marina in billingham, washington. they believe the victims were trapped aboard one of the burning boats and the couple lived on boat despite dangerous conditions because of tons of debris, divers will continue to search today. no word what caused that fire in billingham. loved ones preparing to say goodbye to a soldier who gave the ultimate sacrifice.
6:37 am
he was serving in afghanistan and lost his life to save an afghan child. the soldier from rhode island was struck by an armored vehicle as he was moving the girl to safety. those who knew him said he always put others before himself. >> and back when i deployed in iraq, that when we did receive these care packages that he would sort of take a lot of the materials, pens, papers, notebooks, candy and set it aside and soldiers would ask him, you know, this is comfort stuff for the soldiers and he'd say, well, the afghan children need this, i mean, the iraqi children, rather, need this more so than we do. >> alisyn: he's survived by a fiancee, three children of his own, and his parents. calling hours tomorrow and funeral services held on monday. one actress said the "titanic" sized problem with this song. ♪ you're here there's nothing
6:38 am
i fear ♪ ♪ and i know that my heart will go on ♪ >> believe it or not, it's kate winslet, who says she absolutely hates "my heart will go on" even though it's the theme song that launched her career and says she's ashamed of her own acting in the film. unfortunately for kate, "titanic" is re-released. and the 100th and anniversary of the ship sinking, those are the headlines. >> dave: agony for her when it's promoted on the re-release. >> alisyn: clayton. >> clayton: my ipod's mixed up with dave's because that song will be on there. >> dave: it's not on there, but i like the song. >> clayton: time to get outside and prep your garden for the warm months ahead and if you're confused about the project you need to do, luckily mike cartozza is here
6:39 am
to break it down for us, i walked out in the back yard and it's overwhelming and take it down and do step by step. >> this is the perfect time because we've all heard of black friday, that's the holidays, we have a spring black friday just to offer great deals and get people ready and provide the things they need for the projects that you're talking about. >> clayton: i saw some of the dry grass outside and bugs going along there and already weeds popping up. you have products to take care of that? >> we want to break it up into projects. there are certain things to think about. one is bugs. these guys are coming out and we don't know where they've been. been in crazy places so what this does for you, this advanced home pest plus germ killer. does a couple of things, going to kill for 12 months, once you put it down you're covered for a year and other things, reduces germs by 99%, if you've got roaches snuck in, and carrying who knows what and carrying. >> and take care of that. >> and the we had stuff as
6:40 am
well. >> and also use it outside, put a barrier to keep them out. but weed the second thing you need to think about. we always say the best defense against weeds is a really strong grass. the stronger your turf and grass is, the harder it is for the weeds, but if you haven't done a pre-emergent and they've started and you're kind of behind you can catch up bu using something like this, or though weed be gone max. it's going to cover up to 5,000 square feet. so, this is going to get awe long way, two things for the bugs and the weeds. the next thing, you know a lot of folks are starting to plant and get into container gardening and downsizing, live in a can condo, you can transition into pots and i'm going to have you transplant this flower. >> clayton: can i get the gloves on. >> absolutely. >> clayton: i don't want my
6:41 am
hands dirty. >> miracle-gro moisture control potting mix and something about this that's cool. they add what they call aqua core, it's fabers, made from husks, and lean it upside down and kind of tap. it should come out. it will help the soil to stay together. and you want the top of this to be the top, once you get in the pot. you don't want dirt before what was the pot before. fill it in. what it does. the stuff in the soil attracts moisture and it's going to hold the water that you have in there longer and it's going to absorb that so it doesn't drain out. >> before we go, this is-- >> i'm going to give you this and step around you and add that to the base of the flower on the front. a couple of things, we've got from bayer, two in one rose
6:42 am
and flower care, the miracle-gro shake and feed. apply those at the base. the bayer you want to kind of work into the soil and water that and you can put this in as you're gardening into the soil or after the fact. you're protected and your plants are fed and take hold and thrive in the spring. >> check everything out at home and you've got great youtube videos, as well. i'll have shake and feed for breakfast. what's coming up on the show. >> dave: sprinkle that on the greek yogurt, not a good thing. didn't hit the mega jackpot, our next guest says it's not all it's cracked up to be, and he won over 100 million bucks and wanted to run away. >> alisyn: and tone up that body in time for summer. nicky fitness here in time to get in shape. we're going to try them out.
6:43 am
first, a check with neil cavuto, what's coming up on cost of freedom. and sunshine. >> hey, good morning, guys, what is wrong with this picture? the president bashing our oil companies and at the same time a chinese company laps exxon-mobile in production. are we setting ourselves up for higher prices? are you thinking the housing market isn't ready to rebel, donald trump says think again. and fees and fines, for using cell phones. about to freak out flyers at the top of the hour. year. what are we going to do about it? here's to more saturdays in the sun, and budgets better spent. here's to black friday prices that turn more shoppers into savers. to picking up. trading up.
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align can help. only align has bifantis, a pantented probiotic that naturally helps maintain your digestive balance. ♪ ooh baby, (what) can i do for you today? ♪ try align today. >> hey, everybody, waking up this morning and having a little bit of lotto letdown?
6:47 am
upset you didn't win the mega millions jackpot? maybe you shouldn't be disappointed after all. >> alisyn: our next guest won the lottery and says winning big can be a big life burden. steven white took home about 110 million dollars after winning the pennsylvania lottery back in 2004. and he joins you now. good morning, steven. >> good morning, good morning. >> alisyn: okay. so, for the lucky people, we know there's at least three, maybe more who are waking up this morning looking at the numbers, and double-checking them and realizing they'll won millions of dollars, what's your advice to them. >> the first thing that i would say is really, really take their time and look at every possible aspect of this. you know, there's no book that tells you what to do and how to do it. so, time, time can be the enemy, you need to take more and really evaluate before coming out and be aware of all the things that are about to happen to those people good
6:48 am
and bad. >> dave: you won the largest jackpot in pennsylvania history and one of the fascinating things you did at least according to story i readed. you maintained a lot of normalcy. one of your kids still worked at a fast food restaurant and you're a miracle worker if you got your kid to continue that job, but is that very important, try to maintain some of your normal life? >> that is essential. we did a documentary a few years ago, and one of the people in the documentary said winning the lottery is like adding miracle-gro to character flaws. so, if you're not prepared before the lottery, adding money is certainly not going to help the situation at all. >> alisyn: now, steven, you say that winning that 110 million dollar check that we see you holding here was a 60% blessing and 40% curse. what do you mean by that? >> well, i mean, obviously, from what you see on tv and the movies, you know, there's a lot of benefit that comes
6:49 am
from rg the money, but people think that your money woes are over and that's the furthest thing from the truth. and you know, then you add into all the people that want to get in your back pocket and don't have your best interests at heart. and you know, it took us a long time. we have a wonderful team that sports us, and guides us and directs us on a daily and a minute by minute basis, but it's very ease toy get off track very quickly and end up losing it all, that's more the norm than not. >> you've done very well with this, the president of a private jet company. how do you keep all the wolves away? >> unfortunately, it's trial and error. you know, people who you thought were confidantes turn out not to be. you know, you just have to be very vigilant and making sure that you take your time, like i said about coming out and just evaluate every opportunity. because there are opportunities, but not, again,
6:50 am
not everybody has your best interests at heart and you know, you've heard that time and time again, and luckily, we've made a few mistakes, but by and large we've been very, very lucky, throughout the last eight years. >> alisyn: well, steven, you're giving us the unvarnished truth behind winning the lottery. some people would like that shot even if they blow it, but anyway, thanks for coming in with your personal story. >> my pleasure, thank you very much. have a good morning and good luck to those winners, they're going to need it. >> dave: miracle-gro for your character flaws. and coming up, they've been approved by nicky fitness. wake up as the weather gets warmer. ♪ ♪
6:51 am
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>> the warm weather is here and before you know it, it will be time to get into that bathing suit, ali. >> alisyn: oh. >> dave: helping us spring into shape trainer and fitness expert, nicki fitness, known for her fitness videos, hard core abs. >> alisyn: what am i wearing. >> the color black and slimming. the thirt underneath does the same thing and the colors on the side. slim you, and you can feel like your workout is working before you see the stale move. >> they're not sucking in, they give the optical illusion. >> and it's comfortable. >> and are you supposed to stick your thumb through the whole. >> you don't want your chris getting cold when you're running. >> alisyn: that's great. >> speaking of running, we have the head phones, i love
6:55 am
these, it looks like you're wearing earrings, they're fancy and classy. >> is it possible to find ear phones to run? >> you can do jumping up and down and cute to watch my purse. >> this is like something a super hero would wear. >> what are they. >> super light weight and harden on impact. if you're an extrem sports fan or afficianaafficianado, and a body suit. snow boarding, mountain climbing and one of the things about the music i wanted to mention, fitness pro when i'm running i don't want to be running to great music and a slower song comes in. >> dave: the celine dion "titanic" song comes in i'd stop, wait. >> that's your cooldown. >> fitness pro, fit mix professionals like me to teach classes use it why can't you
6:56 am
use it working out and biking, all new music and beats per minute at the same level like a dj working out with your favorite play list. >> alisyn: one last product. your favorite. >> oh, gosh, i have to go with the trail mix, bare naked trail mix and cereals, all natural and strawberry ones are awesome and like lighter than nerm granola, this is like way more less calories and fat and really, high on energy. >> dave: when we come back after the break, an energy drink, all of us desperately need them and so do you, and we'll come back with nicki fitness, i need mine. ♪ ok, guys-- what's next ?
6:57 am
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>> coming up tomorrow. blue fin tuna out of boston. nat


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